Our next event is on May 14

What is SalsaNoon?

SalsaNoon is a concept salsa party/social by Salsanights.in. A salsa social is a party where salsa/bachata/kizomba dancers meet and dance with each other.
SalsaNoon is a daytime salsa social that is beginners friendly and innovative. Our afternoon timings make it convinient for more people to attend and enjoy salsa.

Looking for a Salsa Social that doesn’t happen late at night?

Almost all salsa parties in New Delhi happen during the later night hours which makes it very inconvinient and expensive for people who donot have a vehicle to attend them. We want to change that. SalsaNoon happens during the afternoon hours, which otherwise would have been wasted just convincing yourself to get out of bed.
We understand that not everyone is a night animal, but everyone wants to Salsa!

Never danced salsa before? Don’t Worry!

Even if you’ve never taken a dance lesson before, our parites are designed to help you out. We have a Beginner Friendly workshop in each of our parties to help out those getting started. In addition to this, we also share details of schools/trainers to help further your knowledge of Salsa

Next SalsaNoon

Our next SalsaNoon is scheduled for 14 May 2016. You can find details here


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A Concept by Salsa Nights India. http://salsanights.in


Our mission is to spread the love of dancing to everyone by organizing Salsa Parties that are convinient, innovative and friendly towards beginners. We also aim to engage the Salsa Community by organizing events that aim to challenge the norms whether it is through timings, prizes, etc.


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