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Armonia: Dance Social With a Cause

Summer is fading and autumn has started softly creeping into our lives. Warm your hearts with dance one more time before this splendid weather transforms into the harsh Delhi winter.

With a spacious dance floor,soothing wooden decor and plush sofas to seat those dance weary feet , Zai is the perfect venue for a dance social.

Also, we shall be donating a part of the proceedings towards the welfare and treatment of under priviledged kids suffering from Cancer through an organization called Can Kids.

What’s the music, you ask?

We shall serve you a delectable mix of melodious Zouk and sensual Kizomba with spicy salsa on the side and of course, rhythmic bachata to tie it all together.

About CanKids

Cancer is a deadly disaease that affects millions of people across the world. Many children with cancer find it hard to continue treatment because of the expense of chemotherapy and the lack of finances. Even food and shelter come at a premium in the metropolitan cities where the best cancer hospitals are located.

CanKids is a grass root level organization of over 300 people (volunteers and employees) and is the only not for profit organization in India that works on all aspects to enable best standards of treatment care and support services for children with cancer and their families from moment of diagnosis through treatment and after into survivorship on the one hand and palliative care, terminal and bereavement support on the other.

The Cankids model for Change for Childhood Cancer in India evisions global survival rates of 70-95% and strives to ensure highest quality of life for child cancer patients, families and survivors.

Through our social we hope to raise awareness about childhood cancer and this organization. CanKids allows individuals to sponsor the treatment of these little soldiers and/or contribute to a central fund for them and their families. We hope the members of our Latin Dance Community will enjoy this afternoon with a philanthrophic bent!

What is SalsaNoon

SalsaNoon is a concept started by in Delhi with the aim to provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to dance socially and freely in a safe, friendly environment, at a convenient location and timings. It is collaborative effort of various individuals and dance schools, a Latin Dance Social where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or status. IN THE WORLD OF DANCE, THERE CANNOT BE ANY BARRIERS OR BOUNDARIES!
Dance is a common peaceful language that unites! The aim is to cut across all sorts of barriers among dancers & dance schools, and more so among regular peace loving people in the city, make dancing easy and welcoming for everyone, where nobody needs to feel left out, even if they don’t have a partner or a group of their own to go out dancing with. Scheduled during day time, it is also relatively safe and easy for everone to travel and come and participate.

About the Venue: Zai 

With a spacious dance floor,soothing wooden decor and plush sofas to seat those dance weary feet , Zai is the perfect venue for a dance social.