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We welcome you to an afternoon of dancing, mirth and learning with Salsa Noon May Edition. Salsa Noon is a Salsa Dance Social during the daytime.

While little drops of rains creep into the atmoshphere, its prismatic magic splitting sunlight into myriad colors, join us as we add the colors of Dance to the canvas of the Sky.

If you’ve joined us before, you need no more reasons.

If you haven’t started dancing yet and want to learn, we’ve got a free workshop for your right here.


How it Works?

SalsaNoon is a salsa social. You come to the party, you dance (salsa,bachata, kizomba) with people. It really is that simple. In case you’ve never taken salsa lessons before and are nervous, we’ve got a Free Beginners Friendly Dance Workshop

What is SalsaNoon

SalsaNoon is a concept started by in Delhi with the aim to provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to dance socially and freely in a safe, friendly environment, at a convenient location and timings. It is collaborative effort of various individuals and dance schools, a Latin Dance Social where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or status. IN THE WORLD OF DANCE, THERE CANNOT BE ANY BARRIERS OR BOUNDARIES!
Dance is a common peaceful language that unites! The aim is to cut across all sorts of barriers among dancers & dance schools, and more so among regular peace loving people in the city, make dancing easy and welcoming for everyone, where nobody needs to feel left out, even if they don’t have a partner or a group of their own to go out dancing with. Scheduled during day time, it is also relatively safe and easy for everone to travel and come and participate.

About the Venue: The Village Deck

The village deck is a spacious property in Hauz Khas Village which represents the true spirit of hauz khas village. The Hauz Khas village that we all loved and cherished a few years ago is all but gone. The classy intellectual crowd is replaced by your run of the mill party goers. The beautiful unique interiors with standardized bar design. Every club looks the same nowadays. The Village Deck brings its unique architecture into the mix. It will remind you of the hipster days.